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this community has been made in order for many people with the same "likings" to bond, per se.

however, this community is not the typical self-injury//eating disorder community. everything that you or any other member may post MUST be art-related. that doesnt mean that your artwork has to soley be abstract, it can be whatever you like, as long as someone other than yourself can call it art as well. if you would like, youre more than welcome to post pictures, or have bragging rights, in regards to your disorder. but please, keep in mind, all pictures must go through some type of art-related process. i, nor do i think any other member of this community, would like to see a plain picture, for instance, of your bloody wounds. make them interesting -- make them unique, please.

as well, in regards to art, please realize that more than photography is considered art. this being said, please know that you're allowed to show any sort of art on this site, just make sure it relates to some sort of psychological disorder.

and finally, make sure all artwork, if its not in written form, must be under a cut-tag, please.

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