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this is.

<STRONG>who are you?</STRONG>
I am Dionysus, the Starter of Project Solace i am the bludgeoning force of anger in the mind of a psychotic.  i am using my overactive imagination, my addictions and hallucinations and my hyperactive attention deficiencies, consumption inneficiecies and my homoerotic, self inflicted mutilations and fantasies to REMOVE my masks and prove to everyone that i am not this body.
i am a complicated system set up to dispense and recieve euphoria, a means of communication through sensory deprovation.  i am not a beautiful vase. i am more then a number to be raped and debased.
i am the burning in your lungs from dehydration and malnutrition,
i am the wasted caloric value of everything you will not eat.
<I>I'm a stain on the cloth... I'm just an afterthought</I>

<STRONG>what type of art/artist do you admire?</STRONG>
OTEP, William Blake, Voltaire, Beethoven, Paul Monet.
I dig Music, spoken word, poetry, creative writing and accounts, but my first love is Music.
I hope to Join all the Psycho's together, and Create an Anthology for People with well...
I s s u e s.

<STRONG>which disorder do you have? </STRONG>
I'm a borderline abuse srvivor, VICTIM, transgender, Self Injuring, Eating disorder Ridden bloodist, consumed with scars and suicidal thoughts.  I am one of those Idiots too Smart to let the truth Be known,
I Depressed, Bi-Polar and Hopefull. I am Perfectly Flawed.

<STRONG>what do you do when youve time to spare? </STRONG> Well, right Now I'm Working solely on project_solace, I'm Eating very little, havent Cut since my blood came out Black...(wierd)
And... I have often been known to pee.

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