.kevin. (kevynjournal) wrote in psychotic_art,

Howdy... So I'm attempting to start up this abstract poetry, haiku, jibberish, nonsense journal. And I'd like very much for it not to end up dissintegrating into something less than its own current nothingness. So, you should join this community, That is, If you'd like to. Stories are great too, telling them as they come, fragments of dreams being looked at through the bottom of a glass. Clarity is our last priority, sharing is our first. The name of the community is freeseven I'd of made a link in this comment, but I don't know how. I am also very aware that the community is lacking in origionality, layout wise, and isn't really anything to speak of at the moment, and that's where you come in. It could be fun, or at the very least... interesting. Anybody who knows how to work on Livejounals and make them look stellar, or anything leaning in that direction, should, or could, email the address to be found on the communities info page. Have a swell day/night/life.
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