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the livejournal artist's exhibit

for those of you that expressed interest, sorry for taking so long. This will be the official call for entry for the "LJ artists" (title of show is subject to change)

Artists are welcome to submit works of any medium, so long as it is ready to hang. The artist is responsible for shipping and handling costs, which also would include return postage back to the artist. Artists may submit up to 3 pieces of their works, and have the right to sell their works at the maximum price of $250, in which Gallery S will take a 20% commission. If the price is not up to the standards of the requirements of the artist, the artist also has the right to exhibit the piece as "Not for sale". Artists must include Name, title, year, medium, and a statement of purpose with their works. Deadline for submission is December 5, 2004

Please note that Gallery S does not have storage space. Please do NOT mail artworks directly to Gallery S.

please copy and paste the following onto a word processing program, sign and return to the curator.

Gakumei Yoshimoto Date: __________________
6619 Del Playa Dr. #8
Isla Vista, CA.93117
(805) 252-5093
Gallery S / Silvergreens
900 Embarcadero Del Mar
Isla Vista, CA. 93117
(805) 961-1700

This letter is written in the sole purpose that I, Gakumei Yoshimoto, curator of Gallery S / Silvergreens restaurant, agree to take possession of the artwork of _______________ by the artist ______________ _______________. This artwork will be exhibited in Gallery S for the time period of _____________ to ____________. During which time, Gallery S / Silvergreens and the curator is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred, if such a thing should occur. The artist has the right to sell their piece at the maximum price of $250 while being displayed in Gallery S/Silvergreens, in which if such a sale should occur, 20% commission will be taken by Silvergreens restaurant, while the artist takes 80% commission. At the end of the exhibit, the artist will be responsible for picking up the artwork, or contacting the curator to have the artwork returned to him/herself. Any artworks mailed to Gallery S / Silvergreens or the curator must include return postage and/or SASE for proper return. It is the curator’s intent to return the artwork to the artist only if these conditions are met.

Gakumei Yoshimoto, Curator, Gallery S


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